Where "the whole world is your school, instead of school being your whole world" --Eli Gerzon

Our Worldschooling Journey

In 2015, our family of US citizens sold our home and almost all our belongings and headed out into the world--just the 5 of us and our 4 suitcases, traveling by plane, train, bus, boat, foot and sometimes rental car. During more than two years of full-time travel, we lived, learned and worked (remotely) in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Western and Central Europe, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Japan, the Philippines, South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland. In 2017, we settled in rural France, where we tried farming, homesteading and democratic education, as well as worldschooling from a fixed address. In 2020, we moved to Strasbourg, where our three kids chose to enroll in public schools, entering at or above grade level after five years outside of formal schooling. We continually hone our approach to learning together as world citizens, both from home and on the road.