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Teranga Tribune Travel Talks bring the world to you so that you can discover far-flung places and cultures, learn about raising world citizens through family travel, and spark new perspective through conversations with fascinating people all around the globe. An experienced traveler, development worker, writer and worldschooling mother of three, I invite my guests to apply a global lens as we explore art, music, food, language, hands-on education and empowering people everywhere to live life fully.

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Business for Social Change: Women & Microfinance

What can a global citizen like you do to tackle overwhelming challenges facing the world today? Join me for a talk about business for social change, leveraging the strengths of women and people at all levels of society to address global challenges, and lessons from the microfinance movement that can inform effective global action on issues like poverty, climate change and democracy. We travel virtually to rural Bangladesh, inner-city Chicago and beyond with Alex Counts—who is an inspiring nonprofit business leader, a protégé of Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, and author of the book Small Loans, Big Dreams.

Raising Bilingual Kids

Hoping to give your child the gift of speaking more than one language? Join me for a conversation with a speech and language specialist as we discuss the latest linguistics research, our experiences with our own multilingual children, and practical tips for parents who are raising bilingual children or considering doing so. Mary Pat O’Malley from the National University of Ireland sheds light on myths, emphasizes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and shares her expertise on the role of community, personal relationships and storytelling in fostering language acquisition.